1-on-1 Yoga Lessons

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves a system of postures and breathing techniques. As a result, it promotes increased bodily attunement and a more positive relationship with the body overall.

Yoga boasts countless and specific health-boosting benefits. For instance, on a physical level, yoga helps improve flexibility, strength and balance, and conditions the core. Medically, it reduces chronic joint pain, improves sleep and reduces cardiovascular risk factors. For psychological well-being, yoga cultivates mindfulness through awareness of the emotions that accompany each pose.

These benefits extend beyond the mat. For example, regular practitioners learn better stress management skills and more mindful eating habits.

Our yoga instruction is appropriate for any age and level of fitness or experience. We take pride in customizing our clients’ practice through safe, thoughtful and skilled instruction.

Refresh your mind, body and soul today and experience a deeper connection to yourself and to the present moment.

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