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Dimensions NYC, INC. offers rewarding career opportunities for certified fitness professionals who are enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about training others.

Job Description:

  • Perform personal training sessions with company clients at their residence or in another designated gym facility
  • Communicate with assigned clients about scheduling, payment and other logistics
  • Communicate with company about all matters pertaining to work
  • Contact potential clients on behalf of the company to obtain relevant background information and introduce them to the company, as needed
  • Obtain payments from clients
  • Maintain paper records of client sessions

Job Details:

  • No floor hours required
  • Part-time availability
  • Flexible hours based on your schedule
  • Ideal for trainers looking to boost their clientele or attain extra clients
  • Trainers will be independent contractors who will sign a work contract and follow company work guidelines and protocols
  • Training sessions will be held in clients’ buildings, gyms or outdoors
  • Training sessions largely take place in Manhattan as far up as 96th Street; however, clients in outer boroughs could present for services at any time

 Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must carry a professional certification or a degree/educational background related to fitness
  • Must have professional liability insurance
  • Your current address must not be longer than a 90-minute commute from 59thstreet in Manhattan
  • Flexible schedule meaning open availability, willingness to travel and willingness to work on weekends

 Personal Qualifications: 

  • Professional and neat presentation
  • Personable and easy-going demeanor
  • An outstanding work ethic as demonstrated by enthusiasm for work, eagerness to take on new clients, punctuality, responsibility, and willingness to go the extra mile for clients and the company
  • Excellent communication skills as demonstrated by prompt responses to texts/emails/voicemails
  • Ability to follow company rules and policies without difficulty or objections
  • Respectful and works well with others
  • Ability to handle ebb and flow of workflow
  • Ability to receive and incorporate constructive feedback from employer in a non-defensive manner

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