Coupon Discount Deals

***Attention New Clients! See if you qualify for any of our COUPONS***

Coupons are available to NEW clients who:

Train twice a week or more

Pay once a month 

***Multiple Coupons*** may be applied and are based on various criteria including:

-number of sessions per week

-time of day you train

-your location

-payment type (i.e. cash, credit card, check)

Discounts may range from $5 to $30 per session depending on how many eligibility criteria you meet.

Provide the information requested below and find out how many discounts may apply to you!


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***Multiple Coupons*** total discounted rate depends on how many of these criteria you meet.  Discounts may range from *** $5 to $30 per session***

The discounted rates (Multiple Coupons) are based on a number of factors including:

Session Schedule Flixibility:

  • Session Day ($5 coupon):  discount per session for the sessions on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday
  • Session Time ($5 coupon):  discount per session for the sessions between 12pm to 4pm on any day

Session Location ($5 coupon):  discount per session for session location less than a 30-minute commute

Session Package ($5 coupon):  discount per session for 50 sessions or more purchased at once

Payment Method ($5 coupon):  discount per session for cash payments

Referrals ($5 coupon):  discount for every session your referral trains with us