Dimensions NYC, Inc. takes customer satisfaction seriously, and we rely on feedback to make sure we continue to meet clients’ needs. Continue reading to see what our clients have to say about us. The testimonials below are those of real clients, and new customers are welcome to speak with them to learn more about their experiences.

For the past 15 years, Dimensions has helped me achieve my goal of being healthy. I have lost weight and have more strength and stamina. Training with Ali, David, Jessica, Thomas and Paytra has been great, I strongly endorse them, they are all amazing.

Davis Iszard || Architect

I began working with DimensionsNYC more than 12 years ago.   At the time I was 78 and in reasonably good shape.   I had been a Korean War “frogman” and distance swimmer but had never had any kind of workout program.   I was beginning to show signs of age: diminishing energy, walking more slowly with signs of shuffling, deteriorating posture and increasing back and shoulder pain.   My trainer’s program of stretching, muscle strengthening and moderate aerobics has not just kept me going strong into my 90s – I am in better shape than I was at 79.  I believe that the work has resulted in my being in better physical (and perhaps mental) shape, and possessed of greater energy, than any of my 80 plus years acquaintances.    The variety and fun of the workouts and my trainer’s obvious and sincere personal interest in how I am doing have been a big factor in my retaining motivation to keep at it and stay “out there” at what is becoming rather advanced age.


George Dorsey || Retired Navy Seals

There comes a time in life when your health needs special attention. I used to run marathons years ago, but not anymore. The years have passed by, keeping me very busy with my MD Practice. Suddenly at retirement, my health and I needed help with all the things I could not do anymore. I needed someone special who could tailor to my goals a special exercise program which would be comprehensive, progressive and not boring. I found it with Dimensions NYC. Now, since I started exercising with them, my motivation came back and I would not miss a day of training. I am now in perfect confidence that I am in the hands of the right person with my trainer Ali, in particular. I feel terrific!


Marie-Jeanne Castadot || Retired MD

Personal training has always been part of my life.  As a 98-year-old, I have been able to stay in fantastic shape under DimensionsNYC tutelage in particular. They are a superior training company with a master’s knowledge of the body. My trainers have been Ali and Tee, but I mostly trained with Ali.  They can coax the strength out of muscles that have been asleep for years! They are also very witty and make each session a pleasurable experience.


Myron Oppenheimer || Oppenheimer Funds

I decided to switch from my previous trainer to train with Dimensions after a friend recommended the company to me. I have trained with three different fabulous trainers. Ali, thank you for all your help. You are a knowledgeable, helpful, caring, excellent trainer, very skilled in your craft. My balance has improved enormously; my strength has improved as well. I have been able to reduce medications for pain. Many thanks.


El Dorado 300 Central Park West || Psychoanalyst in Private Practice

I have been working with Lisette, Paytra and Jessica from Dimensions for over a year, and they are phenomenal.  Ali was my trainer for over seven years before that. His knowledge of the body’s muscles and bones is astounding. He varies my workouts for each session so they don’t become boring and challenges me to try new exercises. My strength and balance are greatly improved.


Melissa Bernstein || Former Fashion Executive

I have trained with several trainers from Dimensions over the past eight years including Thomas, Rick and Ali, with whom I have trained the longest. My relationship with Dimensions started with my need to rehab a nagging hip injury. I was dissatisfied with traditional physical therapy, as I found it slow going and inefficient. Throughout my life, I have been involved in athletics and reasonably understand the way my body works. I appreciate Ali’s varied techniques to get at a problem. He changes things up, I never get bored and I always feel better the day following our sessions. Simply, he has very good insight into what my body needs on any given day. He works hard, is punctual and is very friendly. I strongly endorse Dimensions.


Andrew Oshrin || President, Milly LLC

When I moved to New York from California four years ago, I joined a gym near my apartment. It’s a chain gym, there are branches all over the city. It looked very pretty and they offered privates sessions with trainers, which I wanted. There was a juice bar, a spa, and a really big ladies room. Seemed ideal. Problem was, the trainers were no good. The gym chain “trains” their people, they don’t really learn the science of how a body works, and only know how to stick you on machines. They are not equipped to deal with the variances of a client’s physical limits or issues. So guess what. I got injured. So I quit the gym and found Ali. Ali’s “facilities” come in a backpack, right to the gym in my building, which has machines, but we don’t use them. Ali tailors my workouts to how I am feeling, what’s sore or stiff after tennis, for instance. He’s creative and so the workouts are never boring and they are fun, which is saying a lot, since working out isn’t typically associated with having fun. Ali is also likable, reliable and has a great work ethic. You have a planned session, and he is there. I have recommended him to friends as a result.


Nancy Ruttter-Clark || Former Forbes Reporter

I was referred to Dimensions by someone in our building. I have had the privilege of working with Ali for a few years and then with Lisette for a few more years. I knew I needed help when I became nervous about my balance. Having scoliosis complicates my exercise routine and Ali works with me with knowledge and understanding of my condition. Each session is slightly different and his personality makes the time go by very quickly. After only 4 months or so, I felt stronger and more confident and my posture has improved. I would heartily recommend the company to anyone seeking a great personal trainer.


Carole J. Foxley || Merrill Lynch

Before I found Dimensions, I trained myself. I did cardio—running or a bike. Since I have been training with them, I have worked on core, which has helped keep my back in good shape, and balance which is important as I get older. I believe it has helped my overall fitness tremendously. I have trained with Ali, Rick and Paytra who have all been wonderful. I highly recommend this company.


Mark Biderman || Director and Member of the Audit Committee at Great Elm Capital Corp.

I began working out with Ali several years ago because I wanted my body to be more toned, particularly my legs. Now, people often ask me if I am a ballet dancer. Since then, I have worked also with several other trainers from Dimensions who have all been amazing. Each trainer has taken my personal goal of toning my legs seriously while also directing my focus to other areas of my body that were important for my health or that required attention for reasons other than how they look. Most recently, I have started taking private Muay Thai lessons with Dimensions’ Muay Thai expert, and the experience has been life-changing for me. The Muay Thai is a great workout but is also so much fun that I am hardly aware of the time when I train. This is a great company and working with them has changed not only my body but also how I exercise when I am working out alone. Using Dimensions for personal training was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.


Stefanie A. || Clinical Psychologist

I hated exercising… then I met Ali. Before working with Ali I had 4 personal trainers in the last 8 years and the experiences have always left me discouraged. Exercising takes time, it’s hard work, it bores me and I would always end up in pain…sciatica…stiff shoulders…bad back…it was never-ending. After a while, I just gave up and joined a gym. Less expensive, but no less boring nor less painful and no one accounting for my many excuses not to show up. Then I met Ali. From the first conversation, I knew this would be a different experience. He listened to me and he understood what I found so deficient in past Personal Trainers. I was not disappointed. Ali and I have been training for over 3 years now and the experience is stellar. He adjusts the routine to my individual needs, addressing not just reducing inches and increasing strength, but prevention by working on my balance and working on routines that prevent all the stiffness and pain I had experienced previously. An added value is the soothing stretch the follows each session and the intelligent, interesting conversations that make every session end too soon. Now that is an endorsement.


Janice Miller || Senior Account Manager || RODAL

Dimensions is the real deal personal training company–they train you based on your individual needs rather than through some standardized regimen. I’ve lost weight while building up muscle tone. They are also much more affordable than trainers who work through gyms.  I have been using this company for many years now and there is a reason I have stuck with them as do so many of the other clients. I have trained with Ali, Paytra, Thomas, and Tee who have all been wonderful.


Harry Black || Business Attorney || Associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Dimensions NYC has taught me how to get the most out of my workout. The trainers  keep the workout atmosphere light while ensuring that I am utilizing the right techniques to get the highest benefit of whatever stretch or exercise I am utilizing.

My trainer has taught me the importance of listening to my body and incorporating different approaches to the workout session. Plus, he is good company. My wife and I have both enjoyed our now two years of working with Ali and recommend him highly.


Jeff Klein || Matrimonial Attorney