Stefanie A. || Clinical Psychologist

I began working out with Ali several years ago because I wanted my body to be more toned, particularly my legs. Now, people often ask me if I am a ballet dancer. Since then, I have worked also with several other trainers from Dimensions who have all been amazing. Each trainer has taken my personal goal of toning my legs seriously while also directing my focus to other areas of my body that were important for my health or that required attention for reasons other than how they look. Most recently, I have started taking private Muay Thai lessons with Dimensions’ Muay Thai expert, and the experience has been life-changing for me. The Muay Thai is a great workout but is also so much fun that I am hardly aware of the time when I train. This is a great company and working with them has changed not only my body but also how I exercise when I am working out alone. Using Dimensions for personal training was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.