George Dorsey || Retired Navy Seals

I began working with DimensionsNYC more than 12 years ago.   At the time I was 78 and in reasonably good shape.   I had been a Korean War “frogman” and distance swimmer but had never had any kind of workout program.   I was beginning to show signs of age: diminishing energy, walking more slowly with signs of shuffling, deteriorating posture and increasing back and shoulder pain.   My trainer’s program of stretching, muscle strengthening and moderate aerobics has not just kept me going strong into my 90s – I am in better shape than I was at 79.  I believe that the work has resulted in my being in better physical (and perhaps mental) shape, and possessed of greater energy, than any of my 80 plus years acquaintances.    The variety and fun of the workouts and my trainer’s obvious and sincere personal interest in how I am doing have been a big factor in my retaining motivation to keep at it and stay “out there” at what is becoming rather advanced age.