Janice Miller || Senior Account Manager || RODAL

I hated exercising… then I met Ali. Before working with Ali I had 4 personal trainers in the last 8 years and the experiences have always left me discouraged. Exercising takes time, it’s hard work, it bores me and I would always end up in pain…sciatica…stiff shoulders…bad back…it was never-ending. After a while, I just gave up and joined a gym. Less expensive, but no less boring nor less painful and no one accounting for my many excuses not to show up. Then I met Ali. From the first conversation, I knew this would be a different experience. He listened to me and he understood what I found so deficient in past Personal Trainers. I was not disappointed. Ali and I have been training for over 3 years now and the experience is stellar. He adjusts the routine to my individual needs, addressing not just reducing inches and increasing strength, but prevention by working on my balance and working on routines that prevent all the stiffness and pain I had experienced previously. An added value is the soothing stretch the follows each session and the intelligent, interesting conversations that make every session end too soon. Now that is an endorsement.