Nancy Ruttter-Clark || Former Forbes Reporter

When I moved to New York from California four years ago, I joined a gym near my apartment. It’s a chain gym, there are branches all over the city. It looked very pretty and they offered privates sessions with trainers, which I wanted. There was a juice bar, a spa, and a really big ladies room. Seemed ideal. Problem was, the trainers were no good. The gym chain “trains” their people, they don’t really learn the science of how a body works, and only know how to stick you on machines. They are not equipped to deal with the variances of a client’s physical limits or issues. So guess what. I got injured. So I quit the gym and found Ali. Ali’s “facilities” come in a backpack, right to the gym in my building, which has machines, but we don’t use them. Ali tailors my workouts to how I am feeling, what’s sore or stiff after tennis, for instance. He’s creative and so the workouts are never boring and they are fun, which is saying a lot, since working out isn’t typically associated with having fun. Ali is also likable, reliable and has a great work ethic. You have a planned session, and he is there. I have recommended him to friends as a result.