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At home 1-on-1 Personal Training Get fit lose weight Target your individual physical goals Improve Circulation Change your overall physique Affordable Outdoor or Indoor Small Group Training Take your workout outside of the confines of training alone in the gym Perfect for clients who want to share the spotlight while still enjoying individualized attention 1-on-1 Stretching Sessions
The importance of stretching is often overlooked Improve your balance Range of motion Prevent injuries Proper stretching techniques Enhance circulation
Boxing & Kickboxing Training Get fit while learning how to protect yourself Have more fun while you exercise Children’s Personal Training Help your children stay in shape Strength, endurance, and better motor skills Refresh your mind Body and soul Experience a deeper connection Improve flexibility Strength and balance


Manhattan-based Company-Professional Trainers who Come to You.  General and Specialized Trainers with Various Areas of Expertise.



We are a team of certified sports professionals with outstanding credentials and areas of expertise. We offer private sessions in the convenience of your own apartment, your building’s gym, your local fitness facility, or a nearby park.


Dimensions NYC prides itself on its’ client-centered approach to fitness. Our priority is client health and satisfaction over the bottom line. For example, unlike gyms that require expensive memberships, we offer lower fees than most trainers and gyms charge while providing the highest quality trainers. Additionally, while most gyms promote exercise fads to make sales, Dimensions focuses on helping people develop a positive and sustainable relationship with fitness that will last a lifetime. Our belief is that health and wellness should be affordable and accessible to everyone. As a result, we are unwilling to compromise our ethics or client well-being for profit. Our personal and compassionate approach encourages our clients to become their best selves without making them feel like a number or a product.

A number of unique aspects set Dimensions NYC, INC apart from its contemporaries including:

-the most affordable private training rates in the New York area, despite the superior qualifications of our employees

-comprehensive fitness and wellness services that allow you to do one-stop shopping and get all your needs met with us. For instance, clients have access to general strength training, kickboxing, yoga and dance lessons all within one company.

-longstanding clients who have been loyal to the company for over ten years

-higher quality professionals than you will find at other companies. For example, we proudly employ Olympic-level and internationally renowned competitors.

-the opportunity to have three trial sessions with three different personal trainers at a 50% discount. By doing this, we ensure total client satisfaction and comfort.

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When I moved to New York from California four years ago, I joined a gym near my apartment. It’s a chain gym, there are branches all over the city. It looked very pretty and they offered privates sessions with trainers, which I wanted. There was a juice bar, a spa, and a really big ladies room. Seemed ideal. Problem was, the trainers were no good. The gym chain “trains” their people, they don’t really learn the science of how a body works, and only know how to stick you on machines. They are not equipped to deal with the variances of a client’s physical limits or issues. So guess what. I got injured. So I quit the gym and found Ali. Ali’s “facilities” come in a backpack, right to the gym in my building, which has machines, but we don’t use them. Ali tailors my workouts to how I am feeling, what’s sore or stiff after tennis, for instance. He’s creative and so the workouts are never boring and they are fun, which is saying a lot, since working out isn’t typically associated with having fun. Ali is also likable, reliable and has a great work ethic. You have a planned session, and he is there. I have recommended him to friends as a result.


Nancy Ruttter-Clark || Former Forbes Reporter

I have been working with Lisette, Paytra and Jessica from Dimensions for over a year, and they are phenomenal.  Ali was my trainer for over seven years before that. His knowledge of the body’s muscles and bones is astounding. He varies my workouts for each session so they don’t become boring and challenges me to try new exercises. My strength and balance are greatly improved.


Melissa Bernstein || Former Fashion Executive