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At home 1-on-1 Personal Training Get fit lose weight Target your individual physical goals Improve Circulation Change your overall physique Affordable Outdoor or Indoor Small Group Training Take your workout outside of the confines of training alone in the gym Perfect for clients who want to share the spotlight while still enjoying individualized attention 1-on-1 Stretching Sessions
The importance of stretching is often overlooked Improve your balance Range of motion Prevent injuries Proper stretching techniques Enhance circulation
Boxing & Kickboxing Training Get fit while learning how to protect yourself Have more fun while you exercise Children’s Personal Training Help your children stay in shape Strength, endurance, and better motor skills Refresh your mind Body and soul Experience a deeper connection Improve flexibility Strength and balance


Manhattan-based Company-Professional Trainers who Come to You.  General and Specialized Trainers with Various Areas of Expertise.



We are a team of certified sports professionals with outstanding credentials and areas of expertise. We offer private sessions in the convenience of your own apartment, your building’s gym, your local fitness facility, or a nearby park.


Dimensions NYC prides itself on its’ client-centered approach to fitness. Our priority is client health and satisfaction over the bottom line. For example, unlike gyms that require expensive memberships, we offer lower fees than most trainers and gyms charge while providing the highest quality trainers. Additionally, while most gyms promote exercise fads to make sales, Dimensions focuses on helping people develop a positive and sustainable relationship with fitness that will last a lifetime. Our belief is that health and wellness should be affordable and accessible to everyone. As a result, we are unwilling to compromise our ethics or client well-being for profit. Our personal and compassionate approach encourages our clients to become their best selves without making them feel like a number or a product.

A number of unique aspects set Dimensions NYC, INC apart from its contemporaries including:

-the most affordable private training rates in the New York area, despite the superior qualifications of our employees

-comprehensive fitness and wellness services that allow you to do one-stop shopping and get all your needs met with us. For instance, clients have access to general strength training, kickboxing, yoga and dance lessons all within one company.

-longstanding clients who have been loyal to the company for over ten years

-higher quality professionals than you will find at other companies. For example, we proudly employ Olympic-level and internationally renowned competitors.

-the opportunity to have three trial sessions with three different personal trainers at a 50% discount. By doing this, we ensure total client satisfaction and comfort.

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I began working out with Ali several years ago because I wanted my body to be more toned, particularly my legs. Now, people often ask me if I am a ballet dancer. Since then, I have worked also with several other trainers from Dimensions who have all been amazing. Each trainer has taken my personal goal of toning my legs seriously while also directing my focus to other areas of my body that were important for my health or that required attention for reasons other than how they look. Most recently, I have started taking private Muay Thai lessons with Dimensions’ Muay Thai expert, and the experience has been life-changing for me. The Muay Thai is a great workout but is also so much fun that I am hardly aware of the time when I train. This is a great company and working with them has changed not only my body but also how I exercise when I am working out alone. Using Dimensions for personal training was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.


Stefanie A. || Clinical Psychologist

I hated exercising… then I met Ali. Before working with Ali I had 4 personal trainers in the last 8 years and the experiences have always left me discouraged. Exercising takes time, it’s hard work, it bores me and I would always end up in pain…sciatica…stiff shoulders…bad back…it was never-ending. After a while, I just gave up and joined a gym. Less expensive, but no less boring nor less painful and no one accounting for my many excuses not to show up. Then I met Ali. From the first conversation, I knew this would be a different experience. He listened to me and he understood what I found so deficient in past Personal Trainers. I was not disappointed. Ali and I have been training for over 3 years now and the experience is stellar. He adjusts the routine to my individual needs, addressing not just reducing inches and increasing strength, but prevention by working on my balance and working on routines that prevent all the stiffness and pain I had experienced previously. An added value is the soothing stretch the follows each session and the intelligent, interesting conversations that make every session end too soon. Now that is an endorsement.


Janice Miller || Senior Account Manager || RODAL